SamSonS Table Grapes

The SamSonS brand is more than just fruit: at its core it tells the story of the Parnagian family’s heritage deep-rooted in agriculture. Built by three generations and spanning more than 65 years, the SamSonS story is exceptional.

The name SamSonS pays homage to the late Sam Parnagian, founder of Fowler Packing, and his four sons who became an integral part of the company’s operations in the 1970s.


A diversified farming and packing operation was key to Fowler Packing’s early success and allowed the company to grow in acreage and packing services.

The quality of the SamSonS Table Grapes brand has thrived more than six decades and has evolved into a well-known table grape operation, recognized for its consistency in size, color and flavor. Today, more than 75 percent of the grapes packaged by Fowler Packing are grown by the Parnagian family, with the remaining coming from local experienced and dedicated growers who meet the family’s rigorous growing standards.