Three green grapes
Two clementine slices on an empty background

Too good &
totally true.

There is only one way to grow
sweet, super-delicious fruit—
The right way.

Bushel of red grapes underneath leaf

To bring bold flavor, you need bold methods. Our farms and facilities are the ultimate in high-tech, protecting the land, the water and the fruit all the way to the table.

Two hands peeling a clementine on top of a bright orange backdrop

We’ve got the goods and have fun
while we’re at it. With a bit of sunny defiance,
Peelz and Samsons capture the hearts
(and taste buds) of shoppers everywhere.

Three slices of a red grapefruit are sitting on top of a coral colored backdrop

Year-round availability, consistent quality, fantastic flavor, and unparalleled customer service really do make a difference.
That’s our style.

Our citrus

All in the
juicy details

Not all mandarins are alike. We don’t expect you to do your homework, but if you did, you would learn that growing regions, water quality and technology come together for the highest quality citrus. Lucky for you, our farming and facilities teams do all the thinking; they are world-class experts in the groves. Your only assignment: relish in the sweetest, juiciest citrus
in the market.

Peelz mandarins packed with a hand reaching for a mandarin sitting in front of the bag
Two orange slices on a blue background

A sun-kissed, refreshing treat of delish. There is nothing more dreamy than our Peelz navel oranges, perfect for any occasion.

Two clementine slices

Sweet, seedless and easy to peel. What more do you need? Peelz rocks the category—including big & juicy DEKOZ and organics.

Two slices of citrus: one orange slice and one grapefruit slice

With gorgeous color and enticing taste profiles, our Cara Cara and Blood Oranges add substance and style to the Peelz citrus family.

Our grapes

Crunch time

Sweet, juicy and perfectly crisp. Take in all the flavor of our Samsons Grape selection bite by bite. We have been growing our own grapes for more than 50 years, so we know a thing or two about the perfect balance of flavor and texture to get everyone at the table snacking happy.

Three green grapes two are attached with twig

Our varieties of grapes bring elevated sweetness, snap, and joy to the everyday snacking experience.