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It takes vision, heart, and guts
to be a people first company.
We’re here for it.

For us, it’s

As a business, we’re nothing without the people who show up for us. As industry leaders, we acknowledge, reward, and inspire that commitment. As community members, we believe in something bigger–a deep reverence for human connection. Being people-first is why we are here, and behind everything we do.

Man wearing a white cap backwards and a navy polo is working on a machine in a company
Young girl is sitting at a table, peeling and eating a clementine
A woman with long wavy brown hair is wearing a purple button down and turned to the side and smiling in an office

Sweet flavor.
Strong standards.

Samsons Grapes and Peelz Citrus have won the hearts of many. But not without a strong knowledge of the land, cutting-edge technology, unwavering commitment to quality, and fresh, delicious fruit. We don’t take the easy route. We grow the best or nothing at all.

Three Peelz mandarins bags lined up
Two clementine slices
One clementine slice on an empty background
Two green grapes
Green grape

Making Leaps
And Bounds

Everything we do is for tomorrow. Even while building on our rich history, we are moving toward heightened innovations and brighter futures. There is always the path to better, and we will forever run in its direction.

A tall wall of citrus bushes has a couple of ladders leaning on it in front of a white sky
Dig Deep. Aim High. 
Dig Deep. Aim High.