Health Clinic

Staying true to the culture of giving, Fowler Packing opened an on-site health clinic where employees and their families can get free medical attention from certified medical professionals. There are no co-pays, no fees and no pharmacy charges regardless of insurance status. Fowler Packing takes pride in this benefit, and will continue to focus on the health and well-being of the company’s most valuable assets: the family of team members.

Cocina de Samuel

The opening of the industrial kitchen and restaurant Cocina de Samuel in November 2014 was a milestone in Fowler Packing’s history. Staffed by two remarkably trained chefs and a team of six assistants, Cocina de Samuel provides more than 600 free meals per day for on-site employees. The ever-changing menus include flavors from Italy, Mexico, France and America.

Solar Farm

The Solar Farm at Fowler Packing is making strides in eco-friendly technology to enhance the future and long-term sustainability of the company. Environmental responsibility has become an important foundation of the industry with Fowler Packing leading the way with a 10 acre system with nearly 8,300 panels.


Team members at Fowler Packing are more than just employees; they are family, parents, friends and community advocates. Each year, Fowler Packing awards a $20,000 academic scholarship to a child of one of our team members. Investing in the future of students has become an anchor of Fowler Packing’s commitment.

Sam and Gladys Foundation

In 2015, the Parnagian family donated $1.5 million to Valley Children’s Hospital, which established the Sam and Gladys Parnagian Child Life Endowment and will allow the hospital to add specialists to its Child Life program. The program helps patients and families understand medical diagnoses, procedures and treatments through education and play.

Community Food Bank

For many years, Fowler Packing has been a proud and active partner with the Community Food Bank. Any fruit that is not sent into the commercial market, yet still maintains quality flavor, nutrition and is ready to eat is sent to Community Food Bank to help meet the needs of the Central Valley.