Stewards of the Land

Fowler Packing leads the industry in the most advanced non-invasive farming practices available. Utilizing cutting edge drip irrigation systems, eco-friendly pest management programs as well as one of the largest solar installations in California, Fowler Packing understands the commitment to creating a sustainable environment for generations to come.

Caring for Our Crops

Trees and vines that get the proper care and attention can and will yield more fruit. In the table grape operation, the overhead trellis system allows the vines to capture the sun’s rays while creating a shaded environment for employees. Each acre of land is used as efficiently as possible by utilizing high-density planting methods which allows for a higher yield per acre, all while maximizing foliage usage, production and quality.

The Mandarin orange orchards are equipped with advanced weather stations to identify conditions 24-hours per day, with higher concentrations during the frost season to prevent damage. To minimize the effects of frost conditions, automated wind machines are activated at specific temperatures to protect the fruit. Fowler Packing engineers have designed and implemented a netting machine to efficiently net trees during pollination season to produce a seedless variety.

Water Conservation

Conserving California’s most precious resource has become a top-line priority for Fowler Packing. To make irrigation more productive, Fowler Packing uses advanced technology to measure soil moisture to adjust water levels and schedules. When crops are being irrigated, micro irrigation fan jets evenly distribute water to prevent waste.

Protecting Our Soil

Soil is the foundation of every farming operation and well-loved soil has been key to Fowler Packing’s success. To ensure crops have the best environment to thrive, laboratory testing is done using soil and foliage samples to determine if there are any nutritional deficiencies and identify the best plan to manage the field’s health. In an effort to prevent over-treating the soil, pest and disease resistant root stalks are used.