SamSonS Table Grapes

The SamSonS brand is more than just fruit: at its core it tells the story of the Parnagian family’s heritage deep-rooted in agriculture. Built by three generations and spanning more than 65 years, the SamSonS story is exceptional.

SamSonS Sorbet

A quality grape should be two things: Fresh and Crisp. Fowler Packing’s newest specialty product, SamSonS Sorbet, is taking table grapes by storm and reshaping the customer experience.


peelz™ California Mandarins

There is no better snack than mandarins! Before they make it to the grocery store, our mandarins are grown and nurtured on the tree in Fowler Packing’s orchards. As one of the largest growers in the industry, Fowler Packing planted its first trees more than 20 years ago when the potential of mandarin oranges was completely unknown.